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Writing Challenge #2: Lucidity, Absinthe, & Labyrinthine
posted 2 years ago
III. Labyrinthine (Writing Challenge #2)

(( Other Pieces for Writing Challenge #2: I. Lucidity & II. Absinthe ))

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posted 2 years ago
II. Absinthe (Writing Challenge #2)

(( Other Pieces for Writing Challenge #2: I. Lucidity & III. Labyrinthine ))

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posted 2 years ago
I. Lucidity (Writing Challenge #2)

(( Other Pieces for Writing Challenge #2: II. Absinthe & III. Labyrinthine ))

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posted 2 years ago


People, mostly. Is everyone alright? Are ya, okay? I mean after what happened…

Many of the students are from what I’ve seen, but I still have yet to see some of the others who are away at the moment. [smiles kindly] Don’t worry about me, Rogue. I’m alright. I assure you. I won’t lie about it not having been so easy in the past, but now I’m okay.

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Really? [chuckles] Wow. How do you like it there?

Oh, it’s great. Very great. And I’m not just saying that because I’ll never hear the end of it from Tony if I say otherwise. 

That’s wonderful. I’ve worked at the school for many years too. It’s home to me. Things can get a bit busy at times, but I honestly like it that way. You never quite know what may end up suddenly happening between one moment and the next. 


She strikes like the Angel of Death - terrible in her unhuman beauty, as elemental, as majestic, as the stars in the heavens.

And as irresistible.

Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga

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Thanks, Dr Grey.

[rubs hair with towel] I’ve been thrown into a pool, tried meditating…back to the books, I guess.

You, um, you teach, don’t you? What’s that like? I mean, with such a huge variety—how do you manage it? One of my brothers is looking into teaching. I considered it too, at one point. Then again, I considered becoming an air hostess, so…

You’re welcome. I’ll see if I can think of some other suggestions that perhaps could help you too, if you’d like. [smiles and nods] Yes, I’m a teacher. I teach government and science at the mansion. I think it’s fantastic that your brother is interested in exploring that profession and that you have before as well. I enjoy it very much. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with the job, but seeing the students grow up and being in that position of helping them and giving them new knowledge… it’s very special. I really couldn’t ever image not teaching. You know, sometimes we welcome guest professors at the school. If your brother or even you wanted to teach or give a lecture one day, I’d welcome that and I’m sure Charles and many others on the staff would too.

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